Let's make a movie!
A Dream Takes Flight


An aviator’s pursuit to build the most authentic replica of The Spirit of St. Louis. Shot in the scenic San Juan Islands of the Pacific Northwest, we follow the life and journey of John Norman as he recreates one of the most iconic airplanes of all time. This story is chock full of historical footage of Charles A. Lindbergh’s famous flight across the Atlantic, that changed aviation forever.

Rockin’ a Hard Place


He sold his soul to rock-n-roll. The check may bounce. Filmed in the historic music venue, The Handlebar, in Greenville, SC. This story is based on true events as presented in the book by John Jeter about what it takes to book the bands and run the show of a large live music joint. Feel the drama of all that goes on behind the scenes when the show must go on.

My Name is Chris (Tim’s brother)


Life ain’t so hard when you’re just an “idea man”. This episodic series is currently in production in Greenville, SC. We follow the hilarity of a man on the autistic spectrum as he navigates the struggles of living in his brother’s shadow…or…does his brother live in his?

$1500/finished minute

includes multiple camera interviews/testimonials, shooting locations, custom soundtrack and editing

– free creative concept consultation
– full production crew and equipment
– scripting and visual FX require an additional charge